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We live in times where the quality of thinking is not always particularly appreciated. Speed and price are much more important. What exactly do you require from photos? The photographer is more often perceived as someone who can set the light well, where it is not required that he tell a story with a photo. I myself grew up on photography that could mean a lot more.

I have always liked working with those clients who appreciated and expected me to show artistic sensitivity. However, the profession of an advertising or press photographer is not only artistic challenges - you have to be able to adapt to the clients' requirements.

One of the most shocking changes to me was the fact that publishers are increasingly ordering everything from me, or at least most of the material from the session.

My creative process has always included independent photo editing, and now it happens that someone chooses for publication a completely different frame than I would choose myself...quoting Helmut Newton - "we are a gun for hire".

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